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8 Reasons Why Curaçao is a Hot Honeymoon Destination

My husband and I just returned from a week-long vacation in Curaçao. After having an underwhelming experience in Aruba a few years ago, our expectations for this Dutch-Caribbean island weren't high, but Curaçao did not disappoint. This vacation felt like a second honeymoon, packed with romance, adventure, and the simplicity that you want after just committing your entire life to another individual. So if you're planning a honeymoon or baecation, here's why you should choose Curaçao.

1. Heavy on the Romance

I've got three words for you: Baoase Luxury Resort.

Whether you stay here as a guest or enjoy a romantic beachside dinner, this resort will give you the picturesque honeymoon experience that you've pinned to your Pinterest board. Hubby and I decided to go with dinner at their restaurant and booked the private gazebo dinner setup. It did not disappoint. We ordered caviar, which they served with mini pancakes--very Dutch. The sounds of the calm water flowing on the beach mixed with the romantic candlelight setup and the serene playlist set the mood. We celebrated his birthday, so the staff had a "Happy Birthday" message written in the sand before our arrival for dinner.

This experience alone will give you everything you need for a successful honeymoon. If you want to try something even more romantic (YES, it goes up from the private gazebo!), you can book a romantic picnic on the beach or even have a private dinner on the pier. Baoase offers several different romantic dinner setups. To add to this view, the food in itself is a culinary experience. Baoase isn't some restaurant with amazing views and lackluster food. At Baoase, you're going to feel like you're eating at a Michelin star restaurant. The food is seasoned well and super tasty! Trust that you don't want to skip this experience.

2. Get Your Adrenaline Pumping

Run from bats. Fall off moving boats. Those are two things that I didn't do but came pretty close. Whether you are exploring the 300,000 years old Hato Cave or deep-sea fishing on the choppy waters near Venezuela, Curaçao has an activity for any adventure level. We decided to go deep-sea fishing, and although I took a Dramamine pill beforehand, I spent 4-hours hanging off the side of a boat with the waves splashing in my face. You're probably thinking, "that doesn't sound fun at all." Well, it wasn't. But, in between puking, I got to see flying fish and the excitement on my husband's face at the possibility of catching a shark or barracuda. What better way to solidify your new forever love on a honeymoon than creating memorable experiences that you can share with your grandkids? And yes, I'd go deep-sea fishing again, but on calmer water. If you're not as prone to motion sickness as me, then you'll want to add this to your "to-do list."

3. Culture, Art, Alcohol

His & Hers cocktails? Yes, please!

Curaçao is home to Blue Curaçao liqueur. The Landhuis Chobolobo distillery has a tour covering the island's history, including the slaughter of the indigenous Arawaks on the island and the enslavement of stolen humans from Africa. After you've soaked up a dose of reality, you're given shots of curaçao and learn how the liqueur is made and bottled. There are three types of tickets ranging from $15 to $40 USD. You should absolutely spring for the Chobolobo Cocktail workshop, which includes learning how to make two cocktails using various Curacao Liqueur flavors. The bartender encourages you to use as much or as little liquor as you please. Be sure to tip generously! You'll leave the tour more than a little tipsy, so be sure to stick around and sober up by shopping for authentic blue curacao in shops adjacent to the cocktail bar.

4. The Weather is Dushi

Curaçao is located about 70 miles from Aruba and 300 miles from Venezuela. The weather is hot and sunny, and the island rarely, if ever, has hurricanes because it's located below the hurricane zone. Beautiful weather? Check and Check!

Papiamento is one of the many languages people speak in Aruba and Curacao. Dushi is a Papiamento word that means means many things, including "good," "sweet," or "the good life."

5. Beach Please!

Because the water around Curaçao tends to be choppy, the beaches are often protected by a seawall. If you want to swim in the ocean without worrying about sharks or other ocean creatures, then Curaçao has some spots for you.

Mambo Beach was our favorite beach on the island. The water is calm and serene, and you can rent a cabana for only $25 USD. Afterward, you can freshen up and head to the nearby restaurants for dinner, plus live music and dancing! If partying with your new spouse is not your scene, you can choose a restaurant with indoor seating and enjoy a romantic dinner.

Honorable mention: Jan Thiel Beach is often touted as the premier beach on the island. It's cute, but honestly, we weren't feeling the vibe. The water has too many rocks, and if you don't get there early, you may not be able to grab a cabana. It's worth a half-day trip but get there early.

6. Honeymoon Privacy -

The allure of a Hawaiian honeymoon is that you get beautiful scenery, and the islands aren't overrun with tourists (except maybe Oahu). If your budget doesn't allow for round-trip flights to Hawaii, you can get the same feeling of privacy in Curaçao. Yes, some of this "privacy" is because of the slow return to travel after the pandemic. Still, even when Curaçao is in full swing, there's plenty of places where you can drive and find isolated time together as newlyweds.

7. Easy to get around -

Do you and your bae love road trips? If so, you're in luck. Curaçao doesn't have Uber or Lyft, so it's best to rent a car. You can drive around the entire island in a day, which means you can take your Day 3 covid test and then head to the beach at your own pace and on your schedule. There's no need to wake up early to hop on a cramped tour bus. Also, it isn't hard to get around in a rental car, which makes explore and creating honeymoon experiences easy.

8. Easy to get to Curaçao

Jet Blue, American Airlines, and Spirit Airlines all fly to Curaçao. Most airlines have a layover in Miami, but you may have a layover in Charlotte if you're flying American. The flight is a short 3 hours from Miami, less than the flight time from the East Coast to Las Vegas.

Now that you have all you need to know about why you should honeymoon in Curaçao, go ahead and start booking your stay.

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