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Lunch with a View at Dinner in the Sky Dubai

If you're looking for a unique date idea and fantastic views, then Dinner in the Sky is your place. On our trip to Dubai, my husband and I had lunch at Dinner in the Sky Dubai, and the experience was amazing!

Dining at this restaurant was at the top of my list of things to do while in Dubai. There are over 50 locations worldwide, but Dubai is the perfect location for a first-timer.

The way it works is that you eat lunch or dinner while strapped to a seat and seated at a table while dangling 160 feet in the air. The table turns 360 degrees, so every seat has the same view, and you do this all while enjoying a yummy meal!

We decided to grab lunch instead of dinner. After researching and scoping out the pictures of both dining options, we felt lunch would have a better view. Lunch is only $30 USD cheaper, so you aren't saving much money. However, if you're on a budget, they also have an afternoon tea session that is less expensive than both meal options. When choosing between the two, you should consider which type of experience you prefer: the city lights at night or the skyline view during the day.

Our lunch menu consisted of assorted middle eastern appetizers, a protein, and dessert. Honesty, I thought the food would be mediocre. Too often, you pay for the experience at restaurants like these and not the quality of food. I know that sounds bad, but it's true. But no, Dinner in the Sky Dubai is different! The food was delicious! My food was colorful and flavorful and seasoned perfectly. I ordered the sea bass with saffron sauce, and my husband ordered the oriental beef. I was so happy to have had a great experience AND great food! The chef had a great music playlist going, but the whole experience was a vibe.

We've decided that we'll definitely dine at another Dinner in the Sky location, and next time we'll try dinner just to compare the experiences. To see more of our date at dinner in the Sky, view the Dubai 1 highlight on my IG page.


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