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Travel Gear: Refillable Travel-Size Perfume Bottles

The new and easy way to pack your favorite perfume.

Most of our favorite perfumes come in bulky-but-beautiful glass bottles that hold way too many ounces to pass through TSA. I typically wrap my perfume securely between pieces of clothes so they don't break while I'm in transit to the next destination. Luckily, I won't have to do that again because I found these miniature travel-size perfume bottles.

And while at first glance, these may look like your new favorite bedroom toy, the containers hold up to 70-pumps of perfume and are less than $10 bucks. They easily fit into any toiletry bag or your favorite travel organizer.

The Deets

These lipstick-sized bottles come in a pack of four for $8.99. The vendor I purchased from sells two colorways, so that you can choose between black, silver, light purple, and pink OR the red, light blue, dark blue, and purple set. I opted for the former because it includes my favorite color.

Each container has a small opening that pumps liquid when placed on your favorite perfume bottle's nozzle and has a cap to cover the spray nozzle.

Small opening on the bottom of these miniture perfume bottles
The bottom of each bottle has an opening to transferring perfume

Some things to note:

  • Not all perfume bottles have a removable spray cap. I found that my Dior J'Adore spray cap doesn't easily come off, but the Chance by Chanel cap twisted off without issue.

  • There's no way to wash each bottle, so you have to either refill the container with the same perfume or if not, risk mixing two or more fragrances because of any previous perfume residue. Still, whether you need to worry about that depends on how often you refill the bottles with a different perfume. And since the cost of one set doesn't break the bank, you could always purchase another pack should you need more.

For the visual learners

Here's a video of how to use these bottle.

Bottom Line

I used these miniature perfume bottles on a recent trip to Seattle, and there were no issues with broken glass or spills. The cap opened and closed easily, and each spray dispersed a generous amount of fragrance. The best part--there was still plenty of perfume left for my next trip.


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