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5 Days in Cancun, Mexico

As summer comes to a close and the world starts to slowly reopen, there are few places where Americans can get one last bit of beach time before Fall. It's no wonder why Americans looking for a sunny escape are flocking in droves down to Mexico. Cancun is one of those places that you know will always be busy -- at least that was the case before Covid-19. Maybe you're like me and wanted to visit Cancun minus the drunken crowds. As travel starts to regain momentum, now is the perfect time to check out Cancun. The bonus to visiting Cancun? If you stay in the Hotel Zone, you'll only have a short drive to your resort from CUN airport.

5 Days in Cancun

Below is our itinerary for a long weekend in Cancun!

Day 1

Arrive in Cancun and check-in at your hotel.

This is a travel day, so don't plan to do too much. This is a vacation, after all!

Grab mahi-mahi tacos and a B.W. margarita at the oceanside restaurant BeachWalk.

Afterward, take a walk along the beach. After quarantining for months, give yourself a little more time to enjoy the sand and fresh air.

If you're staying at a hotel that has an adjoining property, explore that property as well. The JW Marriott has a walkway to the Marriott. It's good to scope out the scene and decide where you'll want to spend most of your beach and pool time while staying in Cancun.

Schedule a beach-side massage for Day 4; you're gonna need it!

Day 2

Rise and shine, it's breakfast time!

Grab breakfast at your hotel (especially if it's included with your package), then head down to the beach. Mornings are the perfect time to enjoy the beach, as the rest of the guests are probably still sleeping.

In the afternoon, take a tour. We chose a snorkel tour. If you're booking a tour in advance on TripAdvisor or Viator, be sure to ask for the dock's location. We had a 40-minute drive to snorkel, which we didn't know about until we were already on the way. If you're staying in the Hotel Zone, check-out Aquaworld. Their dock is closer to the zone, which means it's a short drive, and more time on the boat.

Later, have dinner at RosaNegra. Be sure to stay for the firework show, which is every night at 9pm.

Day 3

This is an excellent day to visit Isla Mujeres. There's a local boat shuttle that runs between Cancun and Isla Mujeres.

If you're not feeling crowds, this is a perfect beach day. Stay cool in the shade by renting a cabana for the day for $100. The cabana rental includes drinks and light snacks.

Check out La Destilera, to take a tour and learn how tequila is made. Afterward, walk the strip to explore more of the hotel zone or head back to your resort and relax by the pool. You paid for this resort -- you may as well enjoy it as much as possible!

Later, have dinner at Puerto Madero. The vibe is sexy, and they have fans on their patio, so you'll stay cool. Call ahead and ask for a table close the to water--pay extra if needed -- the view is worth it!

There's a lot of yummy food a Puerto Madero, but if you can't decide, try the Black Cod with Grilled veggies and a glass of your favorite white wine.

Day 4

Ahhh. A much-needed spa day. Sleep in a little later, today things will be winding down.

Have brunch at a nearby hotel. If your resort connects to another, check out that hotel's brunch options.

Arrive early for your appointment at the spa. You can enjoy the other amenities they have, just as their ocean-view jacuzzis and saunas.

After your massage, grab souvenirs. The J.W. has a shopping center in the resort. There's a shop with beautiful pieces that honor dia de los Muertos and one or two smaller shops where you can purchase magnets and ponchos.

Grab dinner at Tora, or, if you don't feel like leaving the resort, order room service.

Day 5

This is a travel day so sleep in before grabbing a quick breakfast.

Grab any last-minute souvenirs that you didn't purchase on Day 4 and take in any last-minute ocean views.


Let me know how this itinerary works out for you, and don't forget to get the full recap of our trip to Cancun by following on IG and viewing the highlights.


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